Labels, part 2

So, I read the post about labels again, and I realized that I hadn’t written what I originally had wanted to write. At some point my train of thought had derailed and ended up … right where I wanted it. The important thing to remember is that no label will ever fit a whole human personality, so the train had ended up on the right station, but it skipped a few stations on the journey. The post was supposed to be about the labels in BDSM, the ones I’m struggling with right now, dominant, submissive, switch, sadist, masochist and all the others. I’m not obsessed with labels on a daily basis, I know that a label is not a person, but every time I feel insecure about myself and where I belong, I turn to the labels. It’s stupid, I know that. But I’m only human and as such, I’m full of weakness and doubt, in addition to strength, stubbornness and will.

My train of thought derailed (no harm done!), but since it ended up at the right station anyway, I’m not going to say more about it. It’s funny though, I had almost the whole post ready in my head, but when I wrote it, it didn’t come out quite right. I didn’t even notice before some hours after I posted it … I wonder what happened.

Hmm …

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