An Unusual Compliment

While chatting with my date over Skype I tried to put some of my feelings into words. I don’t remember what led to it, but I ended up describing what I sometimes feel when I’m with her. I have felt like this for some time, but it’s kind of scary and I don’t believe that it’s usual to feel like this when you like someone.

Silly me; usual in the vanilla sense of the word and usual in the kinky sense of the word is two very different things.

This will be roughly translated from what I remember.

First I wrote:

You are so cute; sometimes I want to rip you to pieces.”

I read that sentence a couple of times. It described exactly how I feel occasionally. Sometimes, the fact that she is so cute can make me want to rip and tear at her with my hands and teeth, I just want to destroy her. That’s how cute she is; that’s how she affects me.

The thought is highly disturbing, even if I know that I never, ever, will harm her, much less destroy her.

I felt that some reassurance was needed, so I continued:

Okay, I know that doesn’t sound very sane, but I intend it in the best manner possible. I promise.”

After some deliberation I sent the whole message and hoped that she wouldn’t run screaming.

She didn’t, on the contrary. I got I lot of smiley faces and she asked if I really meant it. I said I did. More smiley faces followed before I got these words:

That’s one of the best compliments ever!”

So yeah, vanilla compliments and kinky compliments really aren’t the same.

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