The Cozy Perverts

A warm room full of people, talking and laughter.

A man sits with handcuffs and talks animatedly with a man with pigtails and clip-on ear rings.

Two women in various state of dress, bound with ropes, walks around and talks and jokes with others.

A new and wicked cane simply has to be tested by everyone on everyone else.

A small group of men and women has gathered to help a couple of men choose the right nail polish and get it on without too much of a mess.

A man sits on the floor, does what he is told, and gets petted now and again.

Sometimes there is slaps, whacks, hair pulling and pinching followed by sounds like ouch, ai ai ai, iiiiii, no no no and I’m sorry! And of course there is laughter from everyone else.

Good conversations with friends, laughter and smiles.

A cute and tired woman has her head in my lap. She needs some petting and repose. I’m so happy to see her, talk to her and touch her. I haven’t seen her, my date, since the Halloween party and we have a lot of cuddling to make up for. Later, when she is up for it, we will try the cane that’s been sent around the whole evening. Earlier I got a shoe-horn from a friend and I want to use that one too. It’s what we tried on Halloween and it worked very well. But for right now it’s cuddling, hugging, caressing and talking.

The whole atmosphere is relaxed and warm and friendly. It’s always nice to be here, it’s always a lot of good people to talk to, but tonight there is this relaxed feeling going on too. This feeling of a very close knitted group that have some serious down time together. I know that everyone isn’t that close knitted, I couldn’t even put a name to most of the people in the room, but it doesn’t change the feeling.

The very cozy feeling.

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