Play time

This weekend I had my date over. We talked, watched a movie, ate good food, cuddled a lot, went to the movie theater, worked a bit on our own stuff and had a good time all along. I enjoyed myself and I think she did too.

We also had play time. For me, being the newbie, there was a lot of firsts. She has been in the scene for a couple of years or there about, so for her the newness consisted of the fact that I was the one doing things with her. Oh, and the wooden spoon, that one was new for her too. I had read about people using wooden spoons to spank with and found one in a shop. Being the curios person that I’m, I bought it. My date didn’t object to me trying it on her.

I have mentioned before that I’m not sure what I think about spanking or hitting, but that I have tried it on more than one occasion. Having my date reclining on my bed waiting – and wanting – for me to spank her, was the first of the many new experiences. I found I rather liked it.

I didn’t think: “Oh, what am I to do?”

Or: “I can’t do this!”

Or even: “I’m so very nervous!”

I wanted to spank her and give her pain in other ways, and she wanted me to do it. There was no wondering what to do; we had talked about it and I already knew what I wanted and that she was okay with it. There were no thoughts about how I couldn’t do it; I had spanked her and given her pain at earlier events and knew I could. Besides, we would talk and she would tell me if something felt wrong. And I wasn’t nervous because this was my date, a woman I have come to like and trust. I wasn’t going to harm her and she wouldn’t hate me for giving her pain – and liking it.

As most other things in life, spanking becomes easier with practice. Not that I’m good at doing it yet, far from it, but I’m beginning to believe that I might like to practice. That was one of the things I figured out during the play time. The act of spanking has become easier and I enjoyed it. Of course, the biggest reason for my enjoyment was the sounds my date came with; the proof that she liked it too.

So I spanked her bare handed, I spanked her with a horse whip, a shoe-horn and a wooden spoon. Sometimes I would take a break from the spanking and caress her skin, scratch at her back, steal some kisses, pull on her hair and kiss and bite on her neck.

After a while we cuddled, without me actually completely stopping to give her pain. At some point I asked if I could dig my fingernails into her butt, because I suddenly wanted to. She said to go ahead and I did. Her reaction to the pain nearly made me go to pieces and it made me want to rip her to bits at the same time. It pushed one of those buttons. The sound that came from behind her clenched teeth and the grimace she attempted to cover in the pillow … It made my heart beat harder, my breath catch and small sounds of appreciation come from me.

I want more of that, more please, more!

I did feel greedy for her reactions, but I don’t think she minded. It wasn’t the impression I got, at least. *grin*

We had some time with just snuggling and making out before we got up to continue with our day. I felt slightly woozy and kind of muffled inside my head, but the sensations disappeared with time and a bit of food.

My date and I chatted the day after the play time, when she had gotten home, and we agreed that it had been a good experience. She said that she wouldn’t have minded if I had hit her harder, but that she had wanted me to take it in my own time. I liked that, the fact that she doesn’t feel she have to push, that she has time and patience to wait for me to learn, adjust and catch up.

I’m pretty sure I will.

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