Change in relationship status

My date and I decided that we aren’t going to keep calling what we do, for dating. In all honesty it stopped being dating about a month ago. That’s when it started to feel like a relationship. A couple of weeks ago we talked and agreed that it did feel more like a relationship that dating someone we might or might not end up in a relationship with. She told me that she more than once have thought of me like her girlfriend and I admitted that the word “mine” came up again and again when I was with her or thought about her.

That’s what she felt like, and what she feels like even more now; mine. Mine to hold, hug, kiss, look at and talk, laugh and do stuff with. Whether the stuff we are doing is walking, watching a movie or making dinner, or less innocent stuff; she is mine.

The first time that word, mine, was at the tip of my tongue, I swallowed it down. I didn’t know if she would be comfortable with such a word. Some people are, and some aren’t, even in an established relationship and we weren’t in one, at that time. Sometime later the word slipped out in spite of my intentions; the day after that, we had our little talk.

So now she is mine as much as I’m hers. We are no longer dating, but I think we will keep planning dates, because we like them.

I also know that she doesn’t mind the word “mine”. I’m grateful for that, because it happens to be a word I like.


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