About Raven

Hello there! A plesure to meet you, I’m sure.

So, here is a bit about me, as promised:

I’m a big fan of the written word, both the word I read and the word I write.

English is not my first language, but most of the books I read are in English. The stories I write, I write in my own language, and I write quite a lot. The genre is fantasy and has been for years.

I’m a self proclaimed nerd, and I think most of my friends and family will agree with me. The reading, writing and movie kind of nerd, that is. I have more books than shelves and more movies than time to see them … since I kinda write at every opportunity I get.

Oh, and now I have figured out that there is a thing called a sexual nerd, and apparently I am one. Never saw that one coming. (Pun … intended?)

So much nerding to do, so little time to do it! (Yeah, yeah, pun not intended.)

Things to know about me:

– I like lists, they can make order out of chaos.

– I’m addicted to chocolate, but since I’m a woman that should come as no surprise.

– I’m a neat freak. I need my home to be neat and preferably clean. I have mellowed out through the years, but I’m still a neat freak at heart.

– I’m a control freak. I hardly notice any longer, I’m so used to plan every single step of every single day, that I don’t think anything of it, unless someone else comment, or more likely, complain. If I haven’t made the plan myself, the ones who have must tell me the plan so I know beforehand. Needless to say; I’m not of the impulsive kind. (Yes, sometimes it can be exhausting to be me.)

– I have a horrible memory; I must write everything down. Everything.

– I think cats are the best animals there is. Now I have one and he is the most beautiful creature in creation. That doesn’t stop me form calling him a little monster the nights he doesn’t let me sleep!

One comment on “About Raven

  1. tubemarco says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate
    your efforts and I am waiting foor your next post thak you once again.

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